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07 Dec 2018
For most Netgear routers, the default IP address is set to 19 You can connect to a router using this address as a URL:
Some netgear router uses different IP addresses. Use our standard Netgure password list to define the default IP address used by your router model.

Understanding Home Router IP Addresses
Home broadband router has two IP addresses. There is a local area communication network called a local IP address. Others use it when connecting to the network outside the local people - usually called internet and public IP addresses. ISP assigns a public address, while the home address controls the home address.

If you have never changed your router's local address, especially if it was recently purchased, this IP address might be set to the default IP address. The network must have a local IP address when the network is first installed, after which the program has created a default IP address in the router to simplify network setup.

The default IP address is usually specified in the documentation for router. When the router is first set, the administrator must have the default IP address to connect to the router and access the router's settings.

The IP address of the router is often referred to as the default gateway address, which acts as a portal through which the client devices can access the Internet. Computer operating systems sometimes use the term in their network configuration menu.

Change the default IP address of the router
Each time the home router's power supply is used, it uses the same default private network address unless the administrator wants to change it. Router's middle IP address or default IP address may be required to avoid conflict with network-installed router already.

Administrators can change this default IP address later or at any time. Otherwise, other administrative settings such as domain name system (DNS) address value, network masks, password or Wi-Fi settings will not be changed. Changing the default IP address does not affect the connection to the Internet, however, devices on the local network can be a short barrier to Internet access. However, the router should be restarted to use the newly assigned private network address

Internet service providers monitor and authenticate local networks based on the router or modem's MAC address, not their local IP address.

Reset router
Resetting the router (not restarting the router) will replace all your network settings with the default settings of the manufacturer, including the local IP address. Even if the default address for the network administrator router has changed, it will be reset when you reset it to the manufacturer's default IP address.

Only a cyclic router (i.e., shutting down and restarting the router) will not affect the power supply's IP address or power outage alignment.

What is
Some netgear routers support a feature that allows administrators to access the router using a domain name instead of an IP address. When you enter or, Netgear router recognizes domain names and automatically proceeds to the administrator's router's IP address.

Netgear provides and as a service that gives router owners the option of storing their device's IP address, which is easily remembered by IP addresses.


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